How To Determine Your Home Value?

Would you look at zillow and tax roles to determine value?
The answer is no, that’s a good start point but it is not reliable information.Don’t worry…I am going to teach you how Realtors asses the real home value.

First of all what are websites like Zillow? Well they are nothing more than public sites (non Realtor) that offer computerized values and they can either be way under priced or way over priced. Remember Texas is still a non disclosure state which means when a house sells Realtors do not post the information to public websites like zillow or any similar sites. Our board of MLS aka Multiple Listing Services requires us to keep this information private between real estate agents and appraisers so zillow will not have your real homes value.

Secondly your tax assessment value is for tax purposes only. That’s why it’s called an assessed tax value.Back to the question, How to determine what your home is worth?

Better yet who determines property value? It’s not Realtors. No, the one who determines value is YOU, the market. In other words if a house down the street similar to yours is for sale at $300,000 but the buyer pays $350,000 more than likely your property value will be closer to $350,000. Keep in mind there are other factors that play a role in price such as the condition of your home and any improvements.

In summary home buyers play a vital role in market value. Theoretically, a house is worth what a buyer is willing to pay for your home.

If you are thinking about selling and are curious what your home would sell for right now I or any Realtor of your choice could provide recent sold properties in your neighborhood to help you determine your homes worth for free.

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