Questions To Interview A Buyer’s Agent

Here in Houston, TX metro plex it is a strong seller’s market and the right buyer’s agent can help you to win a property offer. How do you choose the right buyer’s agent? Asking the right questions is a great place to start.

A full time agent would be available to show you houses fairly quick. An agent that is not over loaded with too many buyer’s at one given time can give you the time you deserve as a buyer. Make sure the agent will show you houses according to a schedule that fit’s your needs as well.

A full service agent will help you pretty much like a concierge would. While you are at work the agent can help you schedule inspections, obtain vendor bids and attend inspections on your behalf if necessary.

Finally, when the property goes under contract make sure the agent will follow up with all parties so that the purchase goes smoothly.

P.S. Always look for an agent that came in recommended or has online reviews from past clients.

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