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Construction site of a house being built.

Should You Hire A Real Estate Agent For New Homes?

Most buyers walk into the new home builders office alone to begin the quest for a brand new construction home. Is that really the smartest choice?

Many buyers assume that when they cut out the real estate agent they are saving money. Is that really true? The short answer is NO. Whatever builder you hire will not give you a discount for walking in alone. Instead the buyer ends up walking into a professional sales guru, not a real estate agent who works for the builders behalf. Yes, the sales agent is typically not a licensed agent and does not work for the buyer.

What would be the smart choice? Call up a real estate agent familiar with the area and who specializes in new home construction. The great new is that the builder will pay for your real estate agent who will be representing you in your best interest.

What are some problems buyers face when tackling buying alone?

  1. No financial knowledge beforehand.
  2. Easily get swooped into the first builder they meet.
  3. No inspection, no guidance.
  4. No clue of the builders financial capability to finish the build
  5. Uncertain about the builders quality of construction.
  6. Unsure what to ask the builder
  7. Many more...

If you have any questions reach out. I would love to hear from you.

Janet Dávila is a Real Estate Broker and specializes in new home construction.

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